Guiding European policy toward a low-carbon economy. Modelling energy system development under environmental and socioeconomic constraints (MEDEAS)


  • Funding:
    European Commission, Horizon 2020
  • Timeframe:
    1 January 2016 - 31 December 2019
  • Budget:
    3 735 308 EUR
  • Contractors:
    CSIC, Spain (Coordinator); INSTM, Italy; CRES, Greece; CIRCE, Spain; Masaryk University, Czech Republic; University of Valladolid, Spain; Anglia Ruskin University, UK; BSERC, Bulgaria; IIASA, Austria; Hnuti Duha, Czech Republic; AEA, Austria; Blue4You, Belgium


MEDEAS project aims to help policy makers and stakeholders to rank priorities in the promotion of renewable energy technologies in order to achieve a social and economic low carbon transition in Europe.

Today's information provided by energy analyses and forecasts remain sketchy and often are based more on energy supply and price rather than being based on integrated approaches that account for the welfare of the European Citizens. The project aims to close the gap between policy makers and stakeholders and state-of-the-art simulation methods to help the former to better understand the full range of existing options, and their impacts, associated with the different pathways to the low carbon transition scenarios in Europe. System dynamics analysis allows to model all stages of development of new technologies and their impact on all sectors of society in a multi-model approach, which offers flexibility in the strategic analysis of impacts and effectiveness of policy choices.

The policy modelling tool to be developed in MEDEAS will:

  1. Identify the key physical parameters and their relationships with economic indicators, socio-economic variables and environmental impacts;
  2. Highlight emerging challenges for the implementation of a transition to a low-carbon economy, as can be the impact of technological parameters, new concepts in modelling approaches, how to overcome possible drawbacks and provide solutions;
  3. Suggest strategies to face such challenges when drafting the roadmap to a European future socio-economic transition to a sustainable energy system.