The non-profit Association "Black Sea Energy Research Centre" is a legal entity, independent from its members, and founded according to the Law on the Non-Profit Corporate Bodies, its Statute and the Decision by the Constituent Assembly.

The Association acts for the public benefit through:

  • Preparation of scientific and practical studies, analyses, projects, evaluations, expert reports and other projects concerning the problems of the energy sector, energy efficiency, energy saving and renewable energy sources in the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, the former Yigoslav Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.
  • Preparation of projects in the field of energy and climate change for utilization of EU funds in the field of energy and/or under other programmes' funds granted to Bulgaria, or other countries from the Black Sea Region.
  • Preparation and/or implementation of projects under various programmes, funded with funds from local or foreign sponsors outside EU funds.

The Association is governed by a General Assembly, curently consisting of ten members.  The General Assembly appoints the Manager of the Association.

The Manager of the Association "BSERC" is Angel Nikolaev, who is also Chairman of the GA.